Hawaiian Skyvent

Our Team



Eugine Kang was mentored and Marine Corp. trained by Captain for eight years before taking over the Operations reins of Callaway Cooling Skylights. Captain said he "saw something" in Eugine the first day he met him that told him Eugine had what it takes to "get it" and build beautiful, one-of-a-kind, skylights. Eugine knew he had much to learn and put aside or worked around his natural resistance to something new to him and entirely unique, and over time and with effort, learned to do it the "calla-way", because it always turned out to be the best way and the one that worked! Eugine stepped into Captain's shoes and has carried on, bringing Callaway Cooling Skylights into the future. Under Eugine's leadership Callaway Cooling Skylights had one of its more profitable years in 2014 with expansion and more success in sight. Watch us grow!



Mary Paulson was Captain's partner, significant other, wife and all round devoted fan and cheerleader of the guy for 25 years. She was, until 2009, owner of Security One, Inc., a successful and well know security alarm company in Hawaii that she founded in 1992. Having a lot of experience owning a small business in Hawaii helped when she took over the reins of Callaway Cooling Skylights after Captains unexpected death. She is now sole owner which puts her in the unique category of a Woman Owned Small Business in a field that is dominated by tough guys who know how to cut metal and talk about roof repairs. She is in charge of the Administrative side of the business keeping the bills paid, insurance in place, payroll and taxes paid up and all the stuff Eugine has no time for. She was devastated by Captain's death but decided to continue to offer his legacy to a world that needs his wonderfully unique and beautiful skylights to help conserve and promote the natural beauty of our planet. She is hoping that when she reaches the Pearly Gates that her Captain is there to meet her because as she says, he has a whole lot of explaining to do.