Callaway Skylight

Our History

Old Hawaiian SkyVent

The oldest Callaway skylight we have found was one built and installed by John Callaway in 1973. The homeowner, although still happy with her skylight's looks and performance, decided she wanted a newer version just in case the current designs might work at least as well as the old design or better. Not surprisingly, she also decided to buy another one. We get calls from people who have had Callaway skylights for 30 years or more and want to add more skylights or just want a fresh look. John Callaway grew up in the skylight business. His father owned a skylight company in Southern California where 9 year old John swept out the shop every night during his summer vacation and was frequently fired by his Dad for childhood pranks such as being caught cutting frame when he was forbidden to so. Our skylight experience and expertise is not matched anywhere else in Hawaii. You will not be disappointed. We know what we are doing.