Our Founder

Nalowale na moka, huna i re ao uli
The face is out of sight, hidden in the sky.

Captain, we miss your wonderful face.

JOHN CALLWAY - Master Skylight Inventor and Builder

John Callaway, known as Captain, master skylight maker and skylight creator, was the driving force behind Callaway Cooling Skylights until his sudden death in Feb. 2014. Every Callaway Cooling Skylight model with its unique skylight features was invented by John in his shop, usually about 3 am when he loved to work and was in his clearest creative mind. Callaway skylights were his pride and joy. He treated each of them as a work of art and demanded they not go out the door unless as perfectly made as possible. This is why we find Callaway skylights that are still beautiful and functional and are 40 or more years old.

Marine Corp. raised and trained (Semper Fi!), he was a self made man, an inventor, a boat captain, ocean lover and sea chanty singer, a mentor and teacher of the young and confused, friend of Duke Kahanamoku and Gabby Pahinui back in the day, a historian and lover of the Marine Corp., United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, full of historical dates and facts that he loved to share, a pidgin speaker and Hawaii lore expert, founder of Unlitter Hawaii, a fierce lover of God, animals and the people he chose as his own, be they family or friends, and a lifetime entrepreneur with a terrific sense of humor and charming style all his own. He was never boring. His skylight crew misses him, but they were so in touch with him and who he was that they absorbed his knowledge of his skylights and even more important, his love of his skylights and his pride in them. The crew carries on his traditions with love and aloha. We plan to be offering these excellent skylights for many years to come in John's name and with his blessing.

Hana ka hoe, pa'a ka waha
Work the paddle, close the mouth